My name is Hannah Grimwood! Adventure has been something that I have always done, even as a young child. I was born in a small town in Tuttle, Kentucky. When I was still a baby my family then made the move up to Alaska, which was one of the first adventures that I embarked on. The majority of my growing up was done in that small fishing town of Cordova. Exploring every little inch that place had to offer. 

I grew up with a traveling family and for as long as I can remember I was traveling the world. From a young age I knew that I loved seeing new things and experience new adventures. It was in my blood. At the age of 19 I packed my bags and decided that I was going to go and visit Sydney, Australia. With the intentions of only staying for a year. It is now been 4.5 years later and I have made the stay permanent. 

I founded Little Redwoods out of the desire to inspire other adventurous souls to do more exploring in nature, whether it be in the ocean, on the farm or up the mountains. My goal is to be able to equip and inspire you to be able to go out in nature and do the things that you love, prepared and comfortable!